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The vision of CLCares is to provide a lasting impact on our community and also spread the word about the power of volunteering to create even more non-profit ambassadors. The more business leaders we connect with non-profits to offer insight and advice, the stronger the services these non-profits can provide to our community making our great state an even better place to live and work! 

We will be asking our volunteers to think about and answer a few important questions after participating in an event. How would you answer them?

What was the most moving or rewarding part of your volunteer experience? What was most surprising?

What is the skill or competency you saw that the non-profit most needed?  Who on your team or in your company could teach that skill or provide it to the non-profit?

Who leads volunteer initiatives at your company?

Are you and your company being thoughtful about the organizations you give to / volunteer with in our community, and do they align with your external message to your customers and your internal message to your employees and future employees?


Colorado Leadership Cares forges connections between Colorado business leaders and local non-profit organizations that are actively strengthening our community through their vital work. CLCares brings leaders out of the boardroom and into the field where they can have a tangible impact on the population served by a variety of essential nonprofit programs. Through direct participation in the core work of the local non-profit, CLCares participants not only increase their awareness of the needs of the local community but also provide a unique perspective and business insight that enhances the impact of the non-profit. As leaders in their organizations, CLCares participants are ideally suited to share their experiences with their own companies and potentially expand the scope of Corporate Social Responsibility for their respective employers.

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